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the development process fo the electronic Cigarette

Time:2018-03-25 Views:273
At first, electronic cigarettes should be demanded abroad, because there are many laws and regulations prohibiting smoking in public places, and the living standard of foreign people is generally high, rich people are many, and the quality of life is strict. So it was originally designed for foreign trade exports. At the time, there were some brands at home, but the price was very expensive. Almost none of them are sold at home. They are all exported. So many people don‘t know. However, with the advent of the financial crisis, many export products have been sold, and the prices have slowed down.
Then, the electronic smoke market came into being, in fact, it is very simple, there is a lot of profit, there are competitors, unless you are a monopoly industry. At this time, the main site of electronic cigarette was transferred to Shenzhen. Shenzhen itself has the advantages of larger electronic industry and foreign trade industry, and a complete industrial chain. The main function of electronic cigarette is to export foreign trade. At this time, the number of people who know the electronic smoke is very few, because it is not a product developed for the domestic market.
Later, due to the impact of the financial crisis, the electronic cigarette smoking cessation products were in conflict with the interests of ordinary cigarettes. The domestic tobacco companies had a series of suppression on electronic cigarettes, and foreign countries also conducted some surveys on China‘s electronic cigarette foreign trade products. For example, CCTV news: in fact, this is a false news is full of framed system, CCTV news really believe not all water is too large, but also foreign foreign news use unscrupulous divisive tactics, relatively independent, so now the foreigners know much of the electronic cigarette, the foreign market is still very good. In essence, tobacco products are the state control of sales products, monopoly industries, to sell cigarettes to apply for tobacco license, no relationship is not applied.  Because this is a state monopoly. And the tobacco companies went up to the General Administration of tobacco, from enterprises to the national sector. Also in foreign countries, nicotine products are also monopolized by the state. Why can the employees of China‘s tobacco companies get more than ten thousand years of salary a year? Why do all provinces protect the smoke of the province and prohibit the smoke from other provinces to enter the market? Because there‘s a huge profit in it.
Electronic cigarette controls the output and working state of smoke through high tech silicon chip and airflow inductor. The smoke is atomized, and atomized solution containing smoke and essence is atomized into particles, absorbed through the lungs and spitting out simulated smoke. It does not contain tar and other harmful components in cigarettes. It will not generate second-hand smoke or diffuse in the confined space. While traditional cigarettes burn on tobacco or tobacco, it will also endanger the health of smokers and non-smokers. At present, electronic tobacco is mainly used in some developed countries in Europe and America, which is mainly used to replace traditional cigarettes. With the continuous improvement of the living standard of our country. People are also constantly pursuing higher quality of life, and gradually realize the serious harmfulness of smoking. Smoking cessation has gradually become a common understanding. As a substitute for electronic smoke, it is also gradually welcomed by people.
The perfect combination of modern microelectronic technology, biological technology and the concept of a healthy life by the electronic cigarette gas flow sensor, control circuit, power circuit, implementation of integrated circuit, high frequency ultrasonic sounder, atomizing chamber cover, built-in lithium-ion batteries, microelectronic components, by modern microelectronic technology to achieve the air induction, smoke simulation, simulation of flue gas temperature, any other high-tech standby humanized functions, at the same time that smokers in the inhalation of nicotine droplet at the same time, feel like smoking traditional cigarettes euphoria, from the biological point of humanity to simulate the whole process of smoking, smoking culture to create a healthy fashion technology, by authoritative experts as the perfect modern microelectronic technology, biological technology and the concept of a healthy life 
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