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How to choose the electronic cigarette?

Time:2018-01-06 Views:257
How to choose electronic cigarette?

1, the amount of smoke. The design of the whole electronic smoke, the air intake, the air passage. The design of excellent electronic smoke can ensure a large amount of smoke, and then ensure the stability of the amount of smoke.
2, the pros and cons of the nebulizer. The function of the atomizer is the role of atomization, the core component of the electronic smoke, an excellent electronic cigarette, which is bound to have an excellent atomizer.
3, the length of the battery is used. The battery is associated with the atomizer, and the liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so the length of the battery life is a measure of whether an electronic cigarette is excellent.
4, the shape of the electronic smoke. Good product, its appearance is refreshing, the design is strict, the work is exquisite, can give a person a kind of joyful feeling, help to succeed in smoking cessation.
5, taste. The taste of the present is mainly the taste of national smoke. At first, it was aimed at foreign tobacco, and now it is becoming hotter in China. Taste is the defect of electronic smoke, but more and more attention has been paid to electronic smoke in recent years. The taste is also closer to the true smoke, for example, the Chinese and licorice are all close to the true smoke.anyway about the taste of the electronic cigarette,it will need according yourself feeling.
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