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Company culture

In essence, the core element of corporate culture is the common values of an enterprise. The core values of the enterprise are the spiritual elements of the enterprise, under the command of the philosophy of the enterprise, in order to pursue the vision and realize the mission and practice it. The core concept of Boeing: "leading the aviation industry, being a pioneer, dealing with major challenges and risks, eating, breathing, sleeping and not forgetting aviation." Sony Corp in Japan set up the vision of "becoming the most famous company and changing the inferior image of Japanese products in the world" in the early 50s. The enterprise vision shows where the enterprise should go and give all the employees a hope and hope; the enterprise mission shows what the value and significance of the enterprise exists and why the enterprise exists and continues to grow; the enterprise spirit shows what kind of psychological energy should be prepared when the enterprise is faced with major events or difficulties; The concept of heart value shows the business strategy, business thinking, business model and business combination in the next 35 years, and management concept is the basic idea or principle that enterprises hold in the management process about talent, leadership, system, communication, learning, innovation, quality, service and so on. The core ideas of vision, mission, spirit and core values are relatively stable. No matter how the enterprise develops in the future and how to adopt the development strategy and management idea, it is basically unchanged. The management concept and management concept are relative to the core concept, and according to the strategic needs of the enterprise, Appropriate adjustments and even changes can be made. Vision is the difference between ordinary companies and world-class companies. The common vision is a cultural concept that evokes the hope that work has become a goal that is higher than the work itself in the pursuit of a product or service in the enterprise. For example, Apple computers, Ford motors and other enterprises, the most important thing is their common vision. Henry. Ford wants to make ordinary people, not only the rich, but also have their own cars. The founder of Apple hopes that computers can make individuals more powerful. This higher purpose is rooted in their corporate culture, and also enables enterprises to succeed. Peter. "The common vision is a common goal from the heart of the members of an organization, which is an inspiring force in the hearts of people," he said. The vision calls for the enterprise to go to the true greatness. A noble vision can clearly show the hopes and dreams of the employees, touch their deep and spiritual world, and help them to see and share their contributions. An inspiring vision is life. She will make people passionate and forget themselves. If the vision of an enterprise is attractive and exciting, the employees will think that their work is meaningful, pay is worth, and will feel tired and happy.